Can you imagine a world without remote controls for your TV? Every time you want to change channels you have to get up, change it, and sit back down. Unfortunately, some of us still remember what it’s like to live in that world. Interestingly enough, back then, we could not imagine a different world. Until someone did. The remote control was invented. Now, we can’t imagine a world without it. We live in a similar world. As we open our curtains in the morning or close them at night, we usually don’t think about “a better way”. Well, now there is.

European Window Coverings now offers automation of your window coverings. Now, you can control the amount of light in your room from the comfort of your seat or bed. Raise or lower your window coverings remotely  to adjust your comfort level. We find that properties with “view walls” with lots of glass are the ones that benefit the most from this automation.

Do not hesitate to contact us for an estimate to install new, or assess your current automation needs.